Server Info

Status: Online


or search for Squill’s Cave under the modded tab

Quick Connect:

Wipe Schedule

+ Map & BPs (Forced Rust Wipe) – First Thursday of the month

  Map Wipe – Every Thursday at 4PM (UK time)

In-game Commands

User-level Commands

/calladmin – starts a live chat with an admin

/link – gives your 4 digit code to verify with the Discord bot

/playtime – shows current playtime (HH:MM:SS)

/team create – creates a group

/team invite – invites a player to a group

/team promote – promotes a player to group leader

Discord Member Commands

/fs on/off – toggles the furnace splitter UI

/sil – loads an image onto the sign/painting you are looking at

/silt – enters text onto the sign/painting you are looking at

Twitch Subscriber Commands

/colour – changes the colour of your username

/reskin – randomizes the skin on the item you are holding

Discord & Twitch Rewards

Join the Discord server and receive exclusive rewards!

Twitch Subscribers also receive extra rewards!

Discord Member

Access to all Rust-related Discord channels

Start the wipe with all roleplay & electrical blueprints

Load any image URL on signs

Furnace splitter

Twitch Subscriber

All Discord member rewards as well as the following:

Exclusive access to server when full

Play with skins you don’t own

Change your in-game name to any colour

How to activate your Discord/Twitch rewards:

  1. Join the Rust server and input /link into the game chat, take note of the 4 digit code you are given
  2. Send your code to Squill’s Cave#8456 on Discord
  3. Your rewards will apply instantly 
    You need to link your Twitch account to Discord to subscriber receive rewards
If you are having issues with this, open a support ticket in Discord.